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If you got here by chance, don’t go before you take a look inside. I am prety sure you will find something interesting to look at. People, places, nature, pets and animals, and the latest photo and video hardware…

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We will update the galleries pretty often, so every week something fresh is added to our collections. Anyways, if you have a suggestion please send us an email and we’ll try to include your requests in next changes..

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We will try to keep this site up to date and give you as many details as we can regarding the software and hardware we use day by day. However, we are not professionals, this is a hobby and nothing more….
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All of my pictures are here for everybody to enjoy

Hello! my name is Miki I'm the black Cat , and this is my site. I will try to keep We Love Our Pictures! my pictures updated every week.



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This is my site and you are welcome… I got all my pictures inside the galleries, and you are welcome to browse through. If you find something you like, please let me know, so in the future more of this pictures will be added…
Miki the Cat
I had a great time outdoor at my birthday party. Lots of my friends were here and also their parents, whom were friends with my parents. We play football and lazer tag. That day was one of my favorite days of the summer.
Hy there… I just had my first party and was great. I am to small, most of the time I eat and sleep, but this was one of the most important days of my life. We went to church and then to a nice restaurant…

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